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The displays are not toys and are not safe for climbing or leaning on. Please do not allow children to lean or climb on displays.  Any missing or damaged inventory may be charged out in full retail price to the customer who purchased the display.  Please do not inflict injury on our inventory during lawn care or any other activity. If need be, we will happily remove the displays prior to the previously arranged time with advanced notice.

Refund Policy

We are able to refund your payment if cancellations are made at least 1 day prior to the arranged delivery date. We will not make refunds for elements beyond our control such as; being provided an incorrect address, leasing agents, security guards or the likes preventing the set up of displays or requiring early removal, lack of a grassy area to set up the display, incorrect or denied access to gated communities or if animals/dogs prevent our set up. Should extreme weather prevent the set up of a display, then we will make arrangements for another display date or refund your money.

Berry Creative Yard Cards has the right to refuse any deliveries due to weather restrictions and possibly high crime areas.

Delivery usually takes place between the hours of 8 pm and 12:00 am and will be picked up after 7:30 pm the following night (7:30PM pickup during Daylight Savings Time and 6:00 PM pickup from November 7, 2021 on). 

Every so often a location is impossible to find in the dark hours of the night, has only happened a couple of times, but it does happen which is why I do not usually do rural locations, or homes on top of steep inclines and long driveways.

Please fill out your information and list what you would like on the personalized sign to avoid any spelling mistakes of your special someone. Please message us with any questions you may have!

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